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what does a toastmaster do?

London Toastmaster - english toastmaster, toastmaster south, toastmaster east

• Master of Ceremonies

• Announcer

• Event Co-ordinator

• Expert in Procedure and Protocol

• Organiser

• Presenter

• Compere

The Professional Toastmaster

The advantages of using a professionally trained Toastmaster from the Guild include:

Being a traditional part of the British Banqueting scene the Toastmasters' presence adds style, professionalism and decorum to every occasion, whilst the familiar red coat livery adds a resplendent colour to the day.

  • Freeing the host or organiser from worry or anxiety, and thus enabling them to enjoy their event.

  • Allowing the venue management and other professionals, to concentrate on their own tasks, by understanding that the Toastmaster acts as the representative for the host.

  • Independent advice both before and on the day of the event. Available for prior consultation thus enabling both procedure and precedent to be checked, which is often political when Weddings and seating are involved.

  • Confidence that responsibility for organisation is delegated to a specialist.

  • You and your guests will be impressed with the presence of the professional Toastmaster and by the smoothness and co-ordination to the arrangements.

  • That special touch of class to complement the occasion, that will also impress your guests and add sophistication to the event.

Here are some examples:

At the Wedding Breakfast

The Toastmaster being the quintessential part of the Wedding Breakfast, will provide a lasting memory to all your guests and inspire confidence in the organisation and management of the happy day.

Using his experience and professional manner, your Toastmaster will ensure that your carefully laid plans are carried out with the minimum of fuss and worry to you. He will create a friendly atmosphere which can be  as formal or informal as you wish.

The Toastmasters' role is to support the hosts who may be Bride and Bridegroom, and other members of the wedding party. All of whom will want to present themselves in the best possible light on this important and happy occasion. Liaison with the Best Man is often helpful to ensure a good continuity, and allows him to relax and quell his nerves.

Here are some useful questions and answers:

Q: Will you be available to visit my home and to help plan the Reception?
A: Yes:- I will visit your home, at your request, and share my experience of protocol planning and venue procedure. I will not charge for this service seperately since I include it in my fee.

Q: Will you help in the preparation of speeches for the Bridegroom, Best Man and family members?
A: Yes:- I have much experience in helping people in speech writing, I can often help with the theme of your speeches and assist to incorporate your experiences and anecdotes into your preparation.

Q: Will you as my Toastmaster welcome and announce my guests at the Wedding Breakfast.
A: Yes:- I will do so in any format that you wish. I will organise a Receiving Line and put both you and your guests at ease.

Q: Will you act as a liaison and co-ordinator for my guests and offer general information?
A: Yes:- I will direct your guests to existing facilities, problem solve and in general ensure that their needs are met.

Q: As a Toastmaster will you be announcing the Top Table into the Wedding Breakfast and more importantly the Bride and Bridegroom?
A: Yes:- I will organise the order of precedence of entry into the dining area ensuring that the Bride and Bridegroom are not only ready, but are the focal point of all the attention when I escort them to their seats. I will co-ordinate with any photographer so that this auspicious moment is captured forever.

Q: Will you as a Toastmaster make the announcement regarding the Wedding Breakfast, Cake Cutting Ceremony and introduce the ad hoc speakers?
A: Yes:- My role as your Master of Ceremonies is to ensure that all your arrangements are carried out as per your wishes and that important moments are not lost in the confusion of noise and uncertanty.

Q: Will you as Master of Ceremonies announce the Bride and Bridegroom's First Dance following their formal exit from their Wedding Breakfast?
A: Yes:- This is one of my last duties to ensure that the Bride and Bridegroom leave the banqueting area and that I am still available to announce that all important First Dance. It is at this point formalities end and the partying usually begins.

At the Masonic Ladies Festival (known also as the Ladies Night)

As a Past Master himself, Paul is fully conversant with all procedures and protocols relating to the festival itself, and understands the budgetary constraints.

The President of the Festival will be assisted in protocols of wine taking, speeches and raffles. My role can be to liaise with the Festival Committee thus helping to ensure a smooth function. I am able to sing at Ladies Nights if required, and although not a professional singer, I can do a fair rendition of “The Ladies Song”.

Unlike most Toastmasters, I will remain at post until the end of the evening if required, and will assist with the raffle/ and or auctions. I will ensure that the band/disco are familiar with the Sung Grace at the end of the banquet and will say Grace at dinner if required; I will attend to the closing procedures such as the singing of Auld Lang Syne and The Queen.

Some questions and their answers:

Q: Will you as Toastmaster organise the Receiving Line and make the introduction of guests to the President and his Lady?
A: Yes. I will make an introduction in any format that you wish and to put your guests at ease.

Q: Will you as Toastmaster announce the President and his Lady and escort them to seats at the Top Table?
A: Yes. The formal announcement will be made to ensure that the focus of your guests attention is firmly on the President and his Lady.

Q: Will you as Toastmaster be able to help in the preparation of speeches by both the President and his Lady?
A: Yes. Speeches are often very stressful for those who are inexperienced and my role is to help in everyway I can. I have at my disposal a wealth of past experience involving speeches.


Engaging Paul as your Professional Toastmaster will enhance your function and allow you and your guests to relax and enjoy your special occasion without worry.

Why not contact Paul now and see how he can help you.


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